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Battle for the Galaxy Tournamnet for BF2

Hey guys im new to this community. Id just like to share with you the information on a new star wars battlefront 2 online tournment. Im aware this is community is for the first game but humour me lol. If any of you are framiliar with Desert Combat for battlefield 1942 then you may have heard of 21st Century Warefare (21CW), this is run by the same guys.

There are currently over 150 registered with two dedicated servers and a dedicated teamspeak server. If any of you crave the excitment of organsied 32v32 battles with planned tactics and communications then this is the place to be. We have two divisons, the Yavin 4 Detachment [Y4D] and the 10th Legion [10L]each with 3 infantry companys,an airforce and a special ops company. All of this is commanded by experienced tournament players. Bear in mind promotion is decided on hard work, particiation as well as obvious skill. I must also say that it is free to join. all u need do is register below then sign in and get assigned a company


Cheers for listening dudes


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