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alright dudes and fem-dudes...i finally rented this shizz on ps2, although i d rather play on pc.. but i figure..while i cant afford to buy it yet.. i ll learn it and what not on the console.

so yeah i went through about a gazillion sets already, and im stoked for some friggin pc play. i was debating buying more ram before going with the pc version but fuck it, i d just have to wait longer.

so whats the most overused map on pc? and most overused faction? lay some info on me kiddies.

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Hey anyone interested in joining a battlefront guild?

Defenders of Sovereignty is looking to fill a few spots in our Battlefront section. DS is a Starwars only gaming clan that has sections for all SW PC online capable games from Xwing Alliance and Xwing vs TIE Fighter to SWG to Battlefront.

Let me know if you're interested and I'll hook you up.


Is it just me or are people tired of the same ole levels? I think its time Lucasarts starts puttin in more new levels, even more so with Ep3 creeping into the fray next year...

Just a thought :)
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Online play is frustrating. There is so much internet connection lag that it stinks. And I'm not at the caliber of other online players. I get waxed every 20 seconds!

ps2 patch

We got the wireless bridge and ps2 network adapter hooked up last night. When we went online it immediately started downloading a patch but then gave an error of downloading patch. And we could do nothing else. It would never download and install.

Has this happened to anyone else?
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Server select screen...

You guys use Gamespy, or the built-in server select screen?

I hate both. >:|

Though Gamespy tends to work better at least, but doesn't report the correct amount of players in game.
I guess it doesn't bother you guys so much as there are so many American servrs to choose from...
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