I usually create my own room: SCORPION

I usually try to play everyday around Noon and Midnight (central time zone)

If you join my room, mention LiveJournal.......
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I only had a quick play with the game yesterday, but there are definitely some things that strike me as being odd straight away.

ie. The whole server search screen.

Does anyone know if there is any plans to create a whole new one to replace it?
Anyone also know if there are any Australian servers?

Plus, does anyone know if the game is capable of joystick support once getting in to a fighter?
Using a mouse to fly a TIE is beyond difficult, it's stupid.
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Hey I found this instant messanger that lets you track what games your friends are playing and with some games BATTLEFRONT INCLUDED, lets you find them and join them on whatever server they are on.

Check it out. It supports a shitload of games including SWG.

btw my screen name is reggiehxc

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